Design for life.
Design is a powerful tool. It is all around us whether we realize it or not. It is simple, yet profound. It speaks truth and educates. Design is personal and matters. It should empower people rather than addict them. It should facilitate positive experiences and be a force for change. If done right, I believe design is good for the soul.
I believe in doing what is right and being responsible. I don't want my designs to trick people into buying stuff they don't need. I always strive for excellence in all that I do. I am naturally curious, always questioning, always exploring. I empathize, listen, connect, learn. 
I enjoy solving problems. To me they are just opportunities waiting to be discovered. Thinking, experimenting, researching, and testing are all key parts of my process. Put yourself aside, understand your users, that they are people, they are humans on a journey. Get to know them and your product will be intuitive and successful.
I have been designing for over 15 years. During this time I have been dedicated to using my skills in design to help people. This has led me to work for faith-based non-profit organizations, ministries and charities.
My name is William Vaxevanis and I am a Designer.
Thank you!
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