Wellin5 is health-tech startup scheduled to launch this year as Canada's first comprehensive online counselling platform. The goal of this product is to seamlessly integrate three markets into one mutually beneficial ecosystem that improves mental health and productivity/profit.
The platform provides ease of access to mental health services for clients, greater reach and efficiency for practicing counsellors, and a competitive advantage that increases productivity for employers.
I was hired to add new features such as email therapy to the MVP and improve the UX/UI of the product. The updated design will not only take the product to the next level and ready for launch, but it will attract employers and counsellors needed to grow the ecosystem. As a bonus I established a style guide and redesigned the Wellin5 identity.
- The following designs are a work in progress -

Fully Responsive Bootstrap 4 Website

Every business that uses Wellin5 as part of their Employee Assistance Program has access to a dashboard of aggregate data where they can see the effect the platform is having on employee mental health and where problem areas need to be addressed.

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